Kenly Public Works 
aims to provide our community the best and most consistent services possible. This often requires early and long hours, especially in the event of disruptions due to weather or needed maintenance. As  with all departments the public utilities team takes pride their job and commitment to keeping well-managed services running to all of our residents.



2012 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
 The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is a snapshot of last year’s water quality. Included are details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies. The town's goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.

2016 Water Quality Report


New residents are required to buy their water from the Town of Kenly.  This includes sewer and garbage.  Garbage is not included in apartment complexes. Below is a link to our Utility Service Billing Policy and a link to download the application.  You must bring the application in person to Kenly Town Hall and provide a photo I.D.  A $250.00 deposit is required for rental residents.  No deposit is required for homeowners.  Electricity is provided by Progress Energy and is not connected to the Town of Kenly.

Registration forms can be found on our

Forms and Applications Page


Garbage pick-up day for the Town of Kenly is Thursday.  We suggest residents put cans beside the road late Wednesday to ensure they do not miss the early morning pickup.
Kenly Garbage Truck


John Pitts, Assistant Director, Public WorksWhy is my water bill so high?

Customers who experience a "higher than usual" water bill are probably experiencing a leak.  Check your toilets to make sure they are not hanging, and have a plumber or landlord check for leaks under your home.  If work is done to fix a leak, bring a copy of the statement from the plumber or the landlord to show what work was done and that the problem is solved and an adjustment can be made to your bill.  Only one adjustment per year is allowed. Only sewage can be adjusted, not water.  If you do not have a leak, bring it to the Town's attention so our Public Works staff can troubleshoot the problem.  Adjustments over $150.00 must be approved by the Kenly Town Council.  Adjustments under $150.00 can be approved by the Town Manager.

My ditches are not draining.  Who is responsible?

Some drainage issues are the responsibility of the homeowner, and some can be cleared by the Public Works staff. Please keep all leaves and debris cleaned out as much as possible. Call Kenly Town Hall so our staff can investigate the problem and let you know what can be done.

Kenly public works crew at workWhat do I do if my sewage backs up?

Contact Kenly Town Hall so the Public Works Staff can investigate the problem.

Do I have to pay to fill my swimming pool?

Sewage adjustments can be made once a year for filling a swimming pool.  Contact Kenly Town Hall and the Town Manager will assist you.

What is included in my utility bill?
Your bill includes charges for water, sewer, and garbage.  If you are a business or part of an apartment complex that uses a dumpster, you will not be charged for garbage.  If you live on the outskirts of town, you may have a septic tank; therefore, you are only charged for water.  Garbage pickup is not available outside the city limits.

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